Phone: 417-767-2244
Fax: 417-767-4706
In case of emergency please dial 911.

  • Officer Sanders (Chief) ext 3

Municipal Judge: Justin Evans

Court Clerk:  Laura Hampton

417-767-2244 Ext 2

Court is always the second Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 pm. The Cities prosecuting attorney, will be here on court night. We will open the door at 5:30pm.

You can pay by web by clinking on the link below, a fee for this service will be added.

You can mail checks or money orders to:

Fordland Municipal Court P.O. Box 69 Fordland, MO 65652

If you choose to make your payment in person, the Court Clerk is available Monday-Thursday 8am to 4pm Closed 12:00-1:00 for lunch

The Municipal Court of the City of Fordland, Missouri, Uniform traffic violation bureau fine schedule.

Please allow 15 days for processing before attempting to pay fines.


1-5 MPH over posted speed limit$80
6-10 MPH over posted speed limit$90
11-15 MPH over posted speed limit$100
16-19 MPH over posted speed limit$130
20-25 MPH over posted speed limit$185
More than 25 MPH over speed limit – Mandatory Court appearance 

Other Offense

No seat belt$10
No seat belt – commercial carrier$80
No child safety restraint$79
Careless & Imprudent Drivingmust appear
Fail to drive on right half roadway$90
Fail to drive on right lane or single lane$90
Excessive noise$80
Unsafe lane change$90
Cut in on overtaken vehicle$110
Following too closely$90
Follow to closely –Trucks 18,000 lbs or more$160
Failed to signal/improper signal$90
Improper turn/u turn$90
Failed to stop at red light or stop sign$80
Failed to obey traffic control devise$80
Failed to yield$90
Failed to yield to emergency vehicle$110
Failed to stop for school bus$160
Improper passing$90
Illegal parking$80

Registration & Equipment Violation

Failed to register vehicle$80
Failed to display plates$80
Display plates of another$80
Vision reducing material$80
Defective light/muffler/horn/brakes$80
No helmet-motorcycle$25
No valid operators license$80
Failed to secure/cover load$160
Operating unregister ATV.$80