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City of Fordland

PO Box 69
Fordland, Mo 65652


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Law Enforcement

New Fordland PD PatchPhone: 417-767-2244
Fax: 417-767-4706
In case of emergency please dial 911.

  • Officer Sanders (Chief)
  • Officer Brumble (reserve)
  • Officer Blankenship (reserve)
  • Officer Braden (reserve)
  • Officer Churchill (reserve)

Municipal Judge: Chuck Replogle

Prosecuting Attorney: Jason MacPherson

Court Clerk:  Kathy Carnahan

Court is always the first Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 pm. Mr. Jason MacPherson, our prosecuting attorney, will be here on court night.

The Court does not take payment in the form of credit or debit cards. 

You must mail checks or money orders to:

Fordland Court

P.O. Box 69

Fordland, MO 65652

If you choose to make your payment in person, the Court Clerk is available Monday through Thursday: 7 am to 3 pm.

The Municipal Court of the City of Fordland, Missouri, Uniform traffic violation bureau fine schedule.

Please allow 15 days for processing before attempting to pay fines.


1-5 MPH over posted speed limit $65
6-10 MPH over posted speed limit $75
11-15 MPH over posted speed limit $100
16-19 MPH over posted speed limit $125
20-25 MPH over posted speed limit $200
More than 25 MPH over speed limit – Mandatory Court appearance

Other Offense

No seat belt $10
No seat belt – commercial carrier $75
No child safety restraint $65
Careless & Imprudent Driving $125
Fail to drive on right half roadway $75
Fail to drive on right lane or single lane $75
Excessive noise $75
Unsafe lane change $75
Cut in on overtaken vehicle $125
Following too closely $75
Follow to closely –Trucks 18,000 lbs or more $150
Failed to signal/improper signal $75
Improper turn/u turn $75
Failed to stop at red light or stop sign $75
Failed to obey traffic control devise $75
Failed to yield $75
Failed to yield to emergency vehicle $125
Failed to stop for school bus $150
Improper passing $75
Illegal parking $35

Registration & Equipment Violation

Failed to register vehicle $75
Failed to display plates $65
Display plates of another $125
Vision reducing material $75
Defective light/muffler/horn/brakes $65
No helmet-motorcycle $65
No valid operators license $65
Failed to secure/cover load $75
Displayed plates of another $125